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This one-stop hair system that's especially formulated for children, gives mothers what they need to help themselves and their daughters look and feel beautiful. New and improved PCJ®. Now, with sunflower oil and Shea butter, PCJ® leaves hair soft and moisturized.

Welcome to the PCJ's Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q. How can I detangle hair without causing breakage or damage?

A. Use a wide tooth comb when removing tangles from wet hair; it is best to use a detangler. PCJ® Pretty-n-Silky® Wet-n-EZ Detangling Spray with Vitamin E and proteins is formulated for ease of combing and minimize breakage.

Q. How can I prevent a dry hair and itchy scalp?

A. Trade in that cotton scarf for a silk scarf or satin bonnet; cotton will dry hair leading to breakage. PCJ® Pretty-n-Silky® NewGro Hairdress is an excellent choice to help prevent dry hair, itchy scalps. Excellent for natural and straightened styles.

Q. Why does my daughter`s hair break off after wearing ponytails?

A. Always use a cloth or covered elastic bands on your daughter`s styles. Uncovered rubber bands can tangle and pull the hair out. Regular maintenance of her hair helps to restore moisture, add shine and protection for breakage. Weekly or bi-weekly shampooing and conditioning with PCJ® Pretty-n-Silky® Conditioning Shampoo & Moisturizing Conditioner is the right choice.

Q. Why is my daughter`s hairline thinning or breaking off?

A. Protect you daughter`s hair from thinning and or breaking around the hairline by minimizing pulling her hair in tight ponytails or braiding too tight. Replenish hair robbed of moisture and add shine with PCJ® Pretty-n-Silky® Creme Oil.

Q. How often should I trim my daughter`s hair?

A. For hair to remain in it`s best state, the hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

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