Luster's© PCJ©

This one-stop hair system that's especially formulated for children, gives mothers what they need to help themselves and their daughters look and feel beautiful. New and improved PCJ®. Now, with sunflower oil and Shea butter, PCJ® leaves hair soft and moisturized.

PCJ®Pretty-N-Silky® No Lye Conditioning & Creme Relaxer Kit

Relax her hair with this mild, no-mix formula.

This adult formula contains NutrientSheen® Moisturizing Conditioner that replaces moisture to the hair immediately after the relaxing process, leaving hair shiny and bouncy. NutrientSheen® also helps reduce scalp irritation. PCJ® No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer is mild enough to be used on color treated hair.

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pcj adult relaxer
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